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Why do we choose Indena products

Why do we choose Indena products

In order to make our supplements even more effective, we invested on the quality of Indena certified extracts:
- obtained from raw materials grown by validated and controlled processes in accordance with the "Good Agricultural and Collection Practices";
- made through well-known and accredited methods for establishing their essay in active components.

For instance, we used Meriva┬« Indena for Naturtarticol formulation. It is a patented form for releasing curcumin, based on Indena's phytosome technology: this type of formulation is an innovative releasing system, useful for improving the pharmacokinetic profile of poorly bioavailable phytoconstituents.

The active components with high polarity could, in fact, do not cross the lipid barrier of the gastrointestinal wall, and thus not be absorbed.
The innovative technology of phytosome, in addition to ensuring the stability of the extract, improves their bioavailability and efficacy, thanks to its ability to cross high-lipid biological membranes.

Another example is Naturflux. Its effectiveness is related to Mirtoselect® Indena which is a blueberry extract, standardized using a new HPLC method (developed and validated by Indena especially for the characterization of this extract).

This method uses the cyanidin-3-glucoside as external standard and the content of each anthocyanin is determined by weight, through an appropriate correction factor.